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Coyote Ridge Book's main mission is to promote connections that begin and are sustained by a conversation around books. We've created the kind of community book store that Broomfield County and north metro Denver deserves. 

We also are interested in being a book resource for book lovers across the Rocky Mountain Empire as well as a place that college students and teachers can get educational and textbooks while also saving money 

In 2011, Don & Jeannie Hartley bought Calico Books which had been Broomfield's bookstore since 2009. They changed the name to Coyote Ridge and used the logo from the California Sierra Foothill Winery that Don started in 2000 

In July 2013 Coyote Ridge Books moved from Nickel St to Midway Blvd which proved a good location but a sudden rent increase put the store in jeopardy until a local landlord offered a space at 1505 W. 1st Avenue, about one block from Chipper Lanes bowling alley 

Matt Johnson and Danny Myers are now helping by broadening the used books available, increasing the customer service available online, implementing a more comprehensive book donation program and implementing new offerings which will guarantee the viability of the book store in the 21st century and beyond. 

- Updated July 28, 2016 

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