Coyote Ridge Books

Sundays throughout July we will be having a used book sales. 
On Sundays in July, books will be $2. We have a lot of inventory we want to clear out and a used book sale that's comparable to library book sales and thrift store used book sales seems warranted. Most of the books are from the past year. 

Many used book stores are moving to a model where the majority of high priced books are sold online and then the brick and mortar space is for low prices and bag sales so you can expect to see more of that from Coyote Ridge books if the community permits. 

One of my favorite stores is the Friends of the Aurora Book Outlet and I think this can be extended across the US. 

So let us know by coming by on Sundays. The store is usually pretty slow on Sundays so the best way to let us know you like $2 books is to come by and buy some.  Ends the last Sunday in July.