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Top Requested Books December 2016
Here are the top requested books we have in stock for December 2016. This is the place to check if requested books are in stock.

"Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" - Ransom Riggs. The movie version is driving demand. The success spawned two follow up books, Hollow City and Library of Souls. 

"Peak" - Roland Smith - A great adventure story frequently on fifth grade read lists.

"Blink"  - Malcolm Gladwell. Deeper into decision making and how we perceive truth and knowledge and the limits of what we can know before we decide.  All kinds of unlikely connections. Pure Gladwell. 

"The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt" - Edmund Morris. TR continues to be a source of fascination to those across the political spectrum. Not bad for a one-term president. 

"Cross" - James Patterson. First book in the Alex Cross mystery series. Interesting note about Patterson; only Taylor Swift and One Direction made more among celebrities in 2016. 

"The Common Good" - Noam Chomsky. James Patterson may make more but I still think Comsky is the one talked about 100 years from now. 

"People's History of the United States" - Howard Zinn. 

"The Walking Dead - Fall of the Governor" (Book Four/finale) - Robert Kirkman. Novelization of the comic turned TV series. 

"The Poet" - Michael Connelly. Connelly has a distinctive New Journalism center to his mysteries. This one starts in Denver, follows a Rocky Mountain News reporter, solving his brother's death. The character stops in the Rue Morgue bookstore (RIP) in Boulder. Great local color in this one.