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Never a Bad Day at a Book Store 
Probably the most fun I'm having with the store is; there's never a bad day here! There's always interesting conversations around books, whether it's the free community book table, whether it's the bestsellers just coming back and hearing people's opinions about them or whether it's collectibles, the store is all about talking about books. 

To me a love of books is also about a love of authors.  Since I was six years old and visiting Walden Pond, since I grew up in Framingham, Mass., which is about 20 minutes from Concord and Walden, I think Thoreau is probably the first author I fell in love with. Obviously at that age it was a young reader's book explaining the ideas of Thoreau, called "Down to Earth at Walden" which I first read. 

What I wanted to talk about is the book store of the 21st century because we really have a forty year plan and have been imagining what the book store of 2056 would look and feel like. 

Who knows, maybe we'll even have a Mars based franchise by then!

Its really about continuing to share a conversation around books and providing a  place for that to happen. I don't think that will change in forty years. And what we are doing ties into that. What Coyote Ridge does well, having an incredible layout, and a beautiful place to find fiction and get recommendations combined with the power of online book selling which helps people use their books and knowledge in a new way and provide a wide range of non-fiction. 

The other thing that people mention all the time is that there is something about being among the books. To come to a physical bookstore, it isn't even a question for some, it's a demand, it's a welcome habit colored by the compulsion to buy books, beyond the ability to ever read them all in a lifetime. 

Possessing this artifact and to be with the books and to be among 40,000 books, it really creates a cool vibe. 

People talk about the tactile senses, the smell of the books, the feel of them, I wouldn't even be surprised if people try to taste the books. 

In short, what we are doing here is promoting a conversation around books. That's why Amazon or whoever else is selling books online can never beat that because we are here and people want to be among the books. 

Matt Johnson

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